Health and Social Expedition in Canudos

Voltalia supports and promotes social and medical assistance for the residents of the region

If, in the past, a company only aimed at its growth and profitability, today their role in society is much broader. For the Voltalia Group, which has been operating for more than 15 years in Brazil, the implementation of projects related to renewable energy also involves improving the global environment, further promoting the development of the regions where it operates. The construction of the Canudos Wind Farm 1 & 2 could not be any different. 

In 2021, the company supported the Health and Social Expedition, an initiative led by the Brazilian Institute of Social Expeditions – IBES which, since 2009, has been working

in the communities aiming at their self-sustainability. Alongside them, IBES develops actions related to health, education, human rights, justice, communication, culture, income generation, technology, and the environment.

With the incentive of the Voltalia Group, the project carried out a health expedition in the communities of Raso, Rosário, Risca Faca, São Bento, Rio do Soturno, and Bom Jardim,all located in Bahia’s countryside. The action had 25 participants, in addition to the local people who were properly trained to act as community agents, so that the residents could actively participate in the transformation of the regions where they live.

The medical assistance offered to the people of the villages contemplated by the action was performed by professionals who work in the promotion and prevention of diseases, aiming at the concept of collective health. The team consisted of the following specialties: clinical-surgeon, general practitioner, family doctor, nurse specialized in primary care and pediatric ICU, psychoanalyst, physical therapist, and dentists, as well as academicians related to medicine throughout a period of seven days with more than 800 medical consultations, which contributed to the prevention and treatment of several diseases.

According to IBES, during the consultations, it was observed the importance of the welcoming, the participative look of each patient that, in their place of speech, could express their anxieties, pains, and difficulties which they face in the backlands (sertão). The initiative has made the local people become the protagonists of their own stories, contributing to the changes already implemented in the communities and leaving a legacy of transformation for those who live in the regions benefited by the project.